Adaptive Sports

It all started when…

In 1976, Brad Parks hit a tennis ball from his wheelchair and realized that a new sport was about to be born. in 1977, a combination of basketball and rugby began and today it is simply known as wheelchair rugby. Played on a basketball court with a softer ball similar to a volleyball the sport has evolved and in 2004 made it’s paralympic debut at the Athens Paralympic Games with 8 total teams.

As early as the 1960’s the fast paced & highly physical sport of Sledge Hockey was invented in Stockholm and still today is one of the most popular sports in the Paralympic Games and is played globally.

Paralympic Apline Skiing, Wheelchair Dancing, Seated Volleyball and Hand Cycling all additionally embody the human power of movement and spirit. Adaptive Sports do more than provide physical outlets of each participant they exemplify that deep down inside that inner athlete inside of us can thrive no matter what challenges are placed in front of us.