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"Watering Seeds is a spiritual metaphor for seeing beyond self to help others grow... Consequently, you reap what you sow!”

WSO was inspired by a Paralympic wheelchair tennis exhibition in 2004 to create sports rehabilitation and wellness opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Meet a Need with Your Seed

The goal of our annual fundraising campaign is for 80% of the proceeds to directly support our beneficiaries through affiliated programs and services.

To Make a Donation


Wheelchair Super Bowl II Commercial

Professional Letter
Professional Letter

WSO is currently developing strategic partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations who share their compassion for helping challenged individuals achieve a higher quality of life. We are seeking corporate philanthropists for annual sponsorship to raise vitally needed revenue to carry out our ongoing mission.
In order to maximize brand exposure for the sponsor, we will utilize our in-house media and cause marketing departments. Co-branding with a widely recognized and respected charitable organization is proven to be the most cost effective and lucrative platform to positively advertise your product(s) and/ or service(s).

Cause Marketing Statistics

The PR Week/ Barkley Cause Survey reveals that a co-branding partnership with a charity increases business, even in the midst of economic constraints.

of consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause they care about.
of customers say they are likely to switch from one brand to another if it is associated with a good cause.
find it appropriate to involve a cause in their marketing
have bought a product because it is associated with a cause in the last 12 months