ATTN: All Americans, Active Armed Forces, Veterans and Families

RE: FROM AWARENESS TO ACTION >>> #END27 Campaign To Save Veteran Lives & Prevent Suicides!!!

From #END22 to #END27 in only 4 years

Every day Americans of all backgrounds and persuasions enjoy their lives under the protection of American servicemen and servicewomen. At a growing rate, we are failing at least 27 every day who have provided our shield and will lose their own life, at their hand, due to the sense of hopeless and despair associated with PTSD.

The disproportionate and unacceptable rate of suicide among veterans is only one of the health-related challenges they face. The obstacles within the VA system associated with prescription drugs are vast and pervasive. There is a problem of suicide and PTSD that brings us together this month and today, and with your help, we plan on doing something about it.

Watering Seeds Organization (WSO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the official charity for END27 founded to create sports rehabilitation and wellness opportunities for individuals with disabilities. WSO inspired by a Paralympic wheelchair tennis exhibition held at UCLA in the summer of 2004 and has been providing hope ever since.

At #End27, we have research and clinical evidence that supports the effectiveness of a holistic approach to PTSD treatment. We as a community, have numerous modalities, products, programs, and services that we have found as both beneficial and healing. Our medical doctors, practitioners, specialists, and care providers are working collectively and cohesively towards Whole Veteran Wellness Solutions. A social safety net comprised of caring and informed family, friends, churches, and other groups also play a critical role as part of that holistic solution. We know that a comprehensive, systematic, science and support-based approach to treating PTSD will significantly reduce the rate of Veteran suicide.

Everybody acknowledges the current system of healthcare isn’t working for them. No matter what our differences are, we would not be able to express them without the protection of our Armed Forces. Our nation’s heroes deserve the best health and wellness programs that our country has to offer. Everybody enjoys freedom thanks to their service and sacrifices. It is time We The People do something about it!

Lastly, our social enterprise creates sustainability where the for-profit goods and services marketed to the veteran supporters to build stronger communities. Each sponsor will receive rights to utilize the Teal Vet Ribbon for the co-branded cause marketing campaign. As it stands, the VWAR network reaches millions of Veterans and their families. This philanthropic outreach exhibits the patriotic spirit of America.

For more information, please contact Joshua Macias Founder & President at VWAR, Inc.
E: info@end27.com
PH: 757-541-2749

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